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Traditional AI

These topics fall outside of ‘Machine Learning’ or ‘Deep Learning’

Machine Learning

Come back to this, include things like SVM, k-NN, Naive Bayes, Random Forests, Linear Regression, LASSO, Decision Trees, Feature Learning, PCA .

Deep Learning

( Incomplete, just filling this in so I dont lose the RNN links )

GPU enabled Ubuntu

After botching the install 4 or 5 times I finally found something that worked.

  • Install Ubuntu LTS fresh
  • Install NVIDIA drivers FROM THE UBUNTU REPOSITORY ( Usually named “Additional Drivers” ) .
  • Install the CUDA libraries from NVIDIA , Choose runfile(local).  When prompted, DO NOT LET NVIDIA OVERWRITE THE DISPLAY DRIVER.
  • Install cudacdnn from  , you have to register unfortunately.
  • Install conda from
  • pip install keras theano tensorflow-gpu
  • To force Tensorflow into using a specific device
  • with tf.device('gpu:0'):
        # train your model